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Can Mobile Phones replace Business Telephone Systems


Written on 10/01/2008 05:52:00 AM by poison_ivy

Now we have all heard the news of how more and more people are opting for their mobile phones instead of their landline phones. Now it is true that one can easily forego their landlines and just opt to have their mobile phones since their you can take your cellphone with you anywhere and you won't have to miss any important calls but can mobile phones also replace business telephone systems?

Now business telephone systems usually have these common features: videoconferencing, automated attendant, paging/intercom, wireless IP, and unified messaging among others. Now some business telephone systems' features can be found on some mobile phones. With video conferencing, you can use video calling though of course, I don't think there exist a video call technology that would allow you to make simultaneous video calls. Paging or intercom you can use push to talk features and of course unified messaging has already been achieved since most smartphones are now capable of receiving emails.

However, the biggest drawback from foregoing your business telephone system over mobile phones is that the mobile handset alone will burn a hole in your company's wallet. A smartphone like the iPhone will cost your around $199 but you're stuck with AT&T whilst a regular business telephone system like model T7316E from Norstar only costs around $177 and you can use it as a regular landline even without the Norstar system. The Nortel M3904 is also another cheap business phone. Of course, add to your cost the monthly contract price that the wireless carriers will charge you plus not all wireless carriers can offer the features of a business telephone system.

So, if mobile phones can replace landlines, can they replace business telephone systems? Well, not now they can't but in the nearer future, once they can match the price of regular business sytems, they might.

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