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Best Screen Protector For your Mobile Phone


Written on 11/05/2008 08:30:00 AM by poison_ivy

My very first touchscreen phone was an XDA Mini. I love it but I was scared of sratching the screen as it would lessen the second hand value. As a mobile phone addict, changing your phone every six months or so is a bit costly so you have to take care of your old mobile so that you can still sell it off eBay or Craigslist and add it to your budget for a new mobile phone. This way me going bankrupt because of my mobile phone addiction will be prolonged an additional two years. ;)

Anyways, back to the topic, I wanted to buy a screen protector but unfortunately the first one I bought was crap. My screen became blurry but I thought that was what all screen protectors do, until someone recommended Brando Ultra Clear screen protector to me. I have to say, I was really amazed by this product. It didn't feel like my PDA had a screen protector on because it was SO clear. So from then on, every touchscreen phone I owned has to have Brando Ultra Clear screen protector.

Unfortunately, from where I'm currently located, Brando screen protectors are rare to find so I had to order it from their website. That was why I was forced to use a different screen protector for my Omnia, I think it was a CaPDAse screen protector for the iPhone. The protector was not so clear that was why it boggles my mind why the sales person said that it was the best screen protector for the iPhone? This week, my Brando Ultra Clear screen protector finally arrived at my doorstep and the difference between it and the CaPDAse screen protector is HUGE. Again the Brando screen protector is SO clear it feels like my Omnia doesn't have a protector on, further adding to the sleekness of the device. The only downside is that it doesn't come with a protector for the Omnia's back.

Someone over at recommended MartinFields screen protector. I was going to try it but as I'm overly cheap when it comes to additional accessories for my mobile phone, the $6.99 difference was huge for me. Brando's Ultra Clear Screen Protector only cost $10 inclusive of a $3 shipping. But the good thing about MartinFields is that you can choose the twin pack for the back of your Omnia if you're that obssessive about scratches.

So there you have it, my highly recommended Mobile Phone Screen Protector. It's cheap, it's clear and I guarantee (if you're able to stick it on right) that it'll last for a LONG while: Brando Ultra Clear Screen Protector. If Brando's reading this, I better get a lifetime stock of their screen protectors.

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  1. steve |

    XO Skins has the bestbest screen protector imo. You should check them out. No orange peel and super strong


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