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3G iPhone Unlock Finally here! And it's Free!


Written on 12/26/2008 04:01:00 PM by poison_ivy

I know, I know. It's been days since my last post but you could say that my passion for writing about mobile phones has been, well--in a credit crunch too. Anyways, it seems that I've missed reporting on this one since it's been all over the blogosphere. Anyways, if you live under a rock--like what I've been doing these past couple of days, you know that the guys over at the iPhone Dev Team has developed a software to unlock the iPhone 3G. They even have videos and stuff over at their blog.

Best news is of course, it's free, and will be available to the public on New Years' Eve. Not so good news is that it will only work for iPhone owners with baseband ver. 2.11.07 or earlier.

Well, at least we have something. Good work to the guys at the iPhone Dev Team. And oh yeah, a late Christmas greeting to all of you and advance Happy New Year (in case I get lazy again to open up my PC).

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  1. Anonymous |

    where can i found games,apps with sensor motion for lg kp500 cookie ?
    please answer

  2. poison_ivy |

    Try looking at LG's website. The ones that were on the phone I've tested were already preloaded. I'm sure they have some sort of download area or links area where you can find games.

  3. Anonymous |

    Hey I ha va n lg cookie but when I want to go to my contact it says sim intalizing and then the phone atomaticly turns off... does any1 no why can u help me if you thankyou

    sorry if i have spelt a few words wrong


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