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Written on 12/14/2008 06:22:00 AM by poison_ivy

*Sigh* When will Motorola ever learn? It's not how much you prepare your mobile phone, it's the time when you launch your phone that matters. Timing is everything if you want to get ahead in the Mobile Phone Market. Take their Motorola ZN5, their 5 megapixel phone. They've announced it way before Samsung and Sony Ericsson announced their 8 megapixel shooters but released it months after the two released their mobile phones (I think). Anyways, my point is, if Motorola decided to release their ZN5 a month after they've announced it, then mobile phone users looking for a camera phone might have opted for it rather than the other 5 megapixel mobile phones in the market but Motorola released it after Samsung already has the Innov8 out so naturally, camera phone buyers would opt for the higher 8 megapixel phone rather than the 5 megapixel (sans 3G). That's why I think they've made the same mistake with the Moto Q 11. Samsung already has the i780 out so what else does the Moto Q 11 has to offer?


Motorola has had a bit of success with their Moto Q line and the Moto Q 11 is a bit updated from the previous Moto Q 9 considering it no has a built in GPS. The Moto Q 11 also sports WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 3 megapixel camera. However, a quick glance of the features reveal that the Moto Q 11 is lacking 3G. WTF?!!! What's wrong with Motorola? Japan is already phasing out their 2G networks and Motorola is still releasing mid-range mobile phones without 3G?!! However, for those not into 3G the Motorola Q 11 has other features that might interest you including 128MB internal memory expandable with microSD card, 64MB of RAm and it runs on windows mobile 6.1


With only 64MB of memory and runs Freescale ARM 7 LTE processor, clearly the Moto Q 11 is way below the Samsung i780 in terms of performance. Installing a GPS application will probably slow down the phone even more and might cause the phone to freeze up. The QWERTY keypad though looks promising has it has large, tactile keys.


I really don't have that high of an expectation for the Motorola Moto Q11. The Samsung i780 is clearly the better choice over this mobile phone and the only thing that the Moto Q 11 has over the i780 is the higher megapixel camera. However, if Motorola price the Moto Q11 right (maybe lower than the current price of the i780) then they may be able to sway those budget conscious persons looking for the latest mobile phone. As it is, Motorola still disappoints when it comes to their smartphone device.

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