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The Toshiba TG01: A netbook replacement?


Written on 2/09/2009 08:10:00 AM by poison_ivy

Toshiba has recently unveiled their newest windows mobile device, the Toshiba TG01. Now after looking at its specs, I have added it to my ever growing list of “next mobile phone to purchase this 2009”, alongside the Nokia N97, Palm Pre, and the Samsung Louve.

So what makes the Toshiba TG01 special? Well, how about the 1GHz CPU from Qualcomm and the massive 4.1 WVGA screen? I'm telling you, the Toshiba TGO1 actually made my mouth water. But the huge screen shouldn't turn you off because it's actually pretty slim.

As I've mentioned, the TG01 will be running windows mobile 6.1, which might be a turn off for windows mobile haters. It doesn't seem to support multitouch and yes, from the videos, you can still see that there are still some hiccups and lags on this device despite the faster CPU, whether that's a firmware problem, I don't know. Toshiba added a cool touch friendly interface on the TG01 and reports say that it has Internet Explorer 6 with full support for flash.

I wonder if Toshiba thought of adding a physical keyboard on this device. I guess adding a keyboard would add to its bulkiness and with a 4 inch screen, it would probably negate the concept of being “mobile”. Rounding off the Toshiba TG01 features, it also has a 3.2 megapixel camera, 512MB internal storage expandable by a microSD slot, GPS, Bluetooth, accelerometer, and supports DiVX video.

I really hope that Toshiba will make full use of the 1.0 GHz Qualcomm processor and that Internet Explorer 6 will deliver in terms of full desktop browsing experience because if the TG01 is fast and can browse the Internet full-on, then I'm chucking my laptop.

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  1. Anonymous |

    *drools* I want one!!

  2. Kate<3 |

    I amm gettingg thisss phonee! I loveee itt! *lotss of droolss* :D

  3. Ryan Brewer |

    I'm borrowing this phone from a friend, and after having it for 4 days, I can honestly say I hate it. Sure, it's got a great big giant screen, but other than that, it's considerably worse than my G1. Typing, dialing, texting, entering URLs, emailing - these are all terrible with the touch screen - keys don't register at all sometimes, other times they register a key on an entirely different part of the keyboard.

    Since I've had the phone, I've also gotten very good at accidental multitasking - while on the phone with my wife, I've managed to:

    put her on hold and call voicemail
    put her on speakerphone
    turn on the music player

    all while holding the phone to my ear - some people "butt-dial" - I've "ear-dialed". I would have thought Toshiba and MS would have thought this through more, but the phone is virtually unusable. I really expected and hoped for more.

    Finally, the phone is very slippery - because it feels so fragile, I don't like to squeeze it too hard (and out of fear of I'll accidentally click soemthing on the touchscreen), I don't hold it tight - it's slipped out of my hand several times.

    Oh, and battery life doesn't even last a day with a few calls, a small amount of browsing, and bluetooth in my vehicle.


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