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Cell Phone found in Aldi Potato Chips


Written on 3/03/2009 03:05:00 PM by poison_ivy

Emma Schweiger from Janesville Township, Wisconsin found a surprise treat (??) when she opened and her bag of potato chips--an aging Nokia 6810 cell phone is covered in grease inside the bag. The Nokia 6810 mobile phone comes without the charger but the discolored disc on the back of device indicating an adhesive belt clip seems to point that a worker dropped their mobile phone in the factory. The mobile phone still has a T-Mobile Sim but they couldn't retrieve the phone book so they couldn't track down the owner, which is a good thing for the owner since it would be hard to get fired under the present economic conditions.

Now if she found an 8800 carbon in there, it might tempt me to buy more bag of Aldi Chips.

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