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Changing the sounds on Windows Mobile


Written on 3/23/2009 11:46:00 AM by poison_ivy

I'm sure all of you windows mobile users already know how to set your MP3 songs as your ringtones but for those customization freaks who want EVERY sound on their phone to be different, well, then there's a freeware program called Tonality.

Windows Mobile Phone, like Windows on your PC, has a lot of notification sounds from popup menus, keyboard sounds, low battery warning, alerts, etc. If you have downloaded a lot of free ringtones, then you can now use those ringtones and customize the sounds of your WinMo Device.

Tonality can make use of WAV, MP3 and most audio files but you need .NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed on your WinMo device. Even if you're not interested in Tonality, I recommend you download .NET compact Framework since most freeware applications for Windows Mobile devices needs that software to work.

Of course, you can already change SOME of the windows notification sound even without Tonality but you're limited to changing tones for incoming calls, Connecting and disconnecting activesync, notification for receiving Bluetooth files, connecting and disconnecting from a wireless network, email messages, MMS messages, text messages, notifications for missed calls, voice mails, reminders, and notifications when wireless networks are detected. You can change these by going to settings and then selecting "sounds and notifications".

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