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How to Unlock Samsung Omnia and i780


Written on 3/25/2009 09:56:00 AM by poison_ivy

Though thankfully, I don't have to use this because I have an unlocked Omnia, those of you who got their devices from your wireless carrier and want to free your Omnia so you can use another carrier's SIM card may want to head on over to Modaco and visit a tutorial about Unlocking your Omnia using just codes or "remote unlocking" your Omnia. According to the original poster, this "trick" was originally for the Samsung i780 but it should work on the Omnia. There are varying reports of success but most of the replies say that the trick worked on their Omnia. Try browsing through the thread to see if some problems have been answered.

Anyways, here's the gist of the solution for unlocking the Samsung Omnia or i780:

  1. First is to type *7465625*638*# to set
  2. You should type your MCC/MNC code which you can find here:
  3. Type your new NCK (12345678), then select OK
  4. Type *#7465625 to check your lock
  5. And finally, type #7465625*638*# and type your NCK (12345678)
  6. Your phone now be unlocked
If you have any questions, feel free to register at Modaco, registration is free, and post your questions on the thread. Someone should be able to help you. I honestly wouldn't be able to help you since like I said, I haven't tried this method.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Thanks. Worked flawlessly.

  2. Unknown |

    on Omnia? doesn't work for me :-( I get 2 fields to fill after entering the first code...

  3. poison_ivy |

    Would that be the MCC/MNC and the NCK?

  4. anu |

    You can get the details from the manual guide you received. I used this procedures for my friends mobile which was unlocked by mobile-code
    You can get the manual from service provider or from google.

  5. Samsung unlock code |

    Well Samsung mobile is very simple and best cellular mobile phone company that always introduce good handsets through their handsets user get more advantages and use extra features.

  6. ffteixeira |

    Thanks, very good job. Works for Samsung I780

  7. Anonymous |

    Just tried it on my i900... brilliant!!!! many thanks

  8. larycel |

    I tried it and it just dials the code like it's a phone number...of course then I get an error recording.

  9. Fridazadilak |

    Worked perfectly on a Samsung Omnia...never tried anything like this before so was a bit dubious but woked 1st time no problem!! Many thanks!!

  10. Samsung Unlocking |

    Samsung i780 is brilliant and prosperous Mobile)= day by day ,,, It has taken the place of other mobile..thatnks for the sharing the information..?

  11. Anonymous |

    This dont work on my omnia i900, not sure why tho, can someone talk me through it? i have tried it several times with phone on and sim insie and wthout i till get failed.

    any ideas i can be emailed on


  12. Anonymous |

    This guide is slightly wrong.
    The number on step 4 should have a # on the end!

  13. Anonymous |

    Thanks it worked for omnia in portugal!

  14. Anonymous |

    Thanks. Worked great on my Omnia i900. Had to figure out NOT to leave a gap between the MCC and the MNC codes.

  15. Anonymous |

    worked great, step 4 didnt do anything but the i780 is still unlocked! thanks

  16. Anonymous |

    this trick work for omnia lite B7300?

  17. Anonymous |

    Brilliant! Unocked my UK i780 on the Orange network. However, there is an error on the instructions and figured out myself.

    after Type *#7465625 to check your lock - add a # after the number 5

  18. Anonymous |

    how do you find the new nck?

  19. Unknown |

    anyone knows what the MCC/MNC for i900 on uk t-mobile network? tried 23430 it didn't work.
    Can NCK be anything or has to be 12345678?

  20. aymenovitch |

    thanks worked great on my samsung i780 perfectly.

    Nice job

  21. Anonymous |

    It doesn't work for me. It says, there is a network lock. What can I do?

  22. Anonymous |

    worked flawlessly on samsung omnia
    you're a legend!!!!!!!!

  23. Unknown |

    Thanks worked a dream on my omnia i900 8gb

  24. Anonymous |

    What is the NCK? Sorry - I'm a techno numpty!


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