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Motorola Evoke QA4 Announced


Written on 3/30/2009 01:28:00 PM by poison_ivy

Speaking of CTIA Wireless event in Las Vegas, you'll know that it's getting nearer when mobile phone manufacturers start churning out press releases for their mobile phones. Motorola seems to have been nonexistent during the MWC 2009 but now they've announced the Motorola Evoke.

I guess considering that most of their market is in the USA, Motorola deems it proper to announce their goodies on US events like the CTIA. Anyways, the Motorola Evoke is a touchscreen slider phone from Motorola and no, it doesn't have the traditional candybar design but more of a "soap" design since the Motorola QA4 features rounded corners.

The Motorola Evoke only has a 2.8 inch touchscreen with a singular menu button in front but slide-out the keypad and you get a traditional mobile phone. It has aGPS and sGPS, a 2 megapixel camera, memory card slot, and stereo Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it looks like the Motorola Evoke won't be coming to Europe as it is only compatible with band modes: CDMA 800/1900/1700/2100, Diversity 1900MHz and 2100 MHz EVDO Rev A.

Zzzz...Come on Motorola!!! When are you going to start churning up good phones? Whatever happened to your research and development team? We need better phones than this Evoke, Motorola. Please wake up and smell the coffee! Pretty soon you'll be losing ground to Sony Ericsson.

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  1. Anonymous |

    i wonder what happened to Motorola?!?!!
    why they produce phone this day are so slow and boring...
    motorola was selling durability and fashion and creativity phone but now they are lack of speed and creativity...

    I'm not saying I'm clever but Motorola was really my favorite phone and I'm still waiting for next touchscreen mobile phone from Motorola...

    Come on... Wake UP!

    Where are all your best designer?

    Love you ,


  2. r4 cards |

    hard to use, hard to understand, locks up, keys impossible to use by touch, locks up, too much work to do anything and is a 2-3 hand phone!!

  3. Anonymous |

    This is about the worst cell phone I have ever bought. I have has many over the years. It has a facebook appt that cricket doesn't allowe, yet they don't tell you that until after you buy the phone. You can not send pic's to other phones from it or video's. New apptd can not be added. Just really bad all and all.
    Thanks . Cricket I was suckered in by you


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