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New Layout for Cell Phone Reviews


Written on 3/01/2009 05:48:00 AM by poison_ivy

So, I've been away for a while so I haven't posted much news these past couple of days. I was surprised when I checked my blog that the blogger template I was using has exceeded the bandwidth usage for photobucket so my blog looked like--well, crap.

I've decided to use this new theme instead. Though I really want to try wordpress, I've already built a couple of posts here and I'm worried about things such as duplicate content, or me losing traffic when I migrate so I guess I'll be sticking with Blogger.

Anyways, I'm thinking of changing the iPhone picture near my header to an Omnia so one of these days, when I'm not too busy, I'll probably do that. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the new template and navigating through my site. Cheers.

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