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Sony PSP Phone rumors


Written on 5/09/2009 02:52:00 PM by poison_ivy

Are you one of those persons itching for a Sony PSP Phone? Well, even though Sony has long quelled rumors about a PSP Phone being made, rumors have started surfacing again just these past few days. First is ZDNet's news of a PSP Go! which some podcasters have let loose. Although this is a rumor for a new Sony PSP, NMCNNIC thinks that the Sony PSP Go! is actually the PSP Phone.

Such speculation actually makes sense, after all, from the specs of the PSP Go! one can only deduce that it might actually be a phone considering it has a slide out controls (which might actually be a keypad), it won't have an optical UMD drive but instead will come in 8GB and 16GB models (like the iPhone), and a camera on the back of the device. The PSP Go! Phone is also rumored to have a touchscreen interface. Now if those specs don't scream PSP Phone, I don't know what is. I mean in the first place, the current design of the Sony PSP is already well loved by gamers, the slide out controls would only bulk up the current PSP design and what about the exclusion of the UMD drive?!! Sony would be alienating their game providers by not providing compatibility with the hundreds of PSP game titles currently available.

And to add fire to the rumors, Sony Ericsson president was quoted as saying in the Financial times that a Playstation branded phone "could happen", according to Engadget.

So, is this another rumor that Sony will soon quell? If Sony would just give in to the demand of a PSP phone then maybe it would actually help their current standing. Let's face it, their X1 didn't really do too well consdering that there's already a lot of competition in the smartphone market. Now a Gaming phone--that's a niche phone area that Sony Ericsson might thrive in considering that Nokia's NGage is only the currently known gaming phone in the mobile phone market.

So how about it, Sony Ericsson? PSP Phone late this year or early this next year? I'll be waiting.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Yeah, just make on already, Sony!!!! Ngage is so BORING! I want my PSP Phone!

  2. Doug |

    iPhone games are actually pretty good but I won't say that the iPhone is a gaming phone as purely touchscreen interface doesn't really make for a good gaming phone. On the other hand, that slide out controls like the one on the Mylo seems pretty sweet. If Sony is able to turn the Mylo into a PSP phone then I'm on board.

  3. Anonymous |

    It's about time that Sony makes something original than just recycling their old Walkman phones. Walkman is dead, Sony. The only thing that Sony is good at is GAMING. If they can make the PSP phone a reality, they'll TOTALLY own the gaming phone niche.

  4. nintendo r4 |

    it is more portable than previous versions and the elimination of UMDs that tend to go bad (but at a steep price - no more buying used games).


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