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Samsung Jet S8000


Written on 6/16/2009 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

Update: Posted my Samsung Jet S8000 Review.

Damn, Samsung is on fire. Before announcing their Omnia line-up, they were already trying to generate buzz with a new handset via their Samsung unpacked event. Although I was tempted to join their contest but since I didn't win the Samsung Ambassador contest, why waste my luck, right?

Anyways, the Samsung Jet is something. Although it's not an HD Device like the Samsung i8910 HD, it has a powerful 3.1 inch 16M WVGA AMOLED display. Now I'm already taken by Samsung's AMOLED screens but if this is WVGA, then the Samsung Jet would punch a more amazing screen resolution. Another thing that the Samsung Jet has going for it is its 800MHz processor. Since this is not a Windows Mobile device, it doesn't have all the Winmo app that would slow other devices so I'm hoping Samsung puts the 800MHz processor to good use.

The Samsung Jet S8000 also sports Samsung's Dolfin browser. I've got a peek at the browser thanks to the Samsung Jet demo video (see below) and it's pretty amazing. You can browse up to 5 web pages which is more browsing capability than the Safari or Opera Web Browser (which only allows 3), a one touch zoom, and a multi-browser bar which allows you to search within the page, search using google, or type in directly the web address.

I'm disappointed with the camera since it's only 5 megapixel but its still better than the iPhone's 3.1 megapixel camera. The Samsung S8000 also has GPS, DNSe, SRS sound effect, and DivX support.

via: Samsung Mobile

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  1. Biz |

    This phone looks great. I plan to take it, but my concern is divx codec. Does it support all divx files? I had bad experience with divx codecs on previous phones, since I had to convert files.

  2. Unknown |

    heb je voor de Jet ook applicaties zoal Iphone???


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