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Harry Potter Themes, Ringtones, Wallpapers, and other Downloads


Written on 7/19/2009 04:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

It's the first weekend for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and I'm betting everyone is in Harry Mania. What that means? A lot of searches for Harry Potter on the Internet, more DVD/Blu-ray sales of movie franchise and of course, for mobile phones, a lot of downloads for Harry Potter mobile phone themes, wallpapers, and ringtones.


So far, the only Harry Potter mobile phone themes I've found on the net is for the Sony Ericsson W705, in all probability, it would also run on the Sony Ericsson G705 mobile phone. You can certainly make your own Potter theme for your Sony Ericsson mobile phone by using the thousand of movie pictures available on the net (via Google Image search) and then using Sony's Themes Creator. As for Nokia, http://www.ownskin.com/ lets you create your own free mobile phone themes and even animated ones.


Now free Harry Potter mobile phone ringtones are a bit hard to come by. For one, ringtones are usually copyrighted so most often than not, you have to buy them. However, if you fancy "expelliarmus!" as your phone's message tone, you can probably create one yourself. You can rip your DVD to an MPEG file, cut the MPEG video file and select the scene you want, and then extract the MP3 file from the cut video. There are free tools on the Internet available for this task. So long as you don't sell the ringtone, you won't be violating any copyright.


Harry Potter mobile phone wallpapers are easiest to find. You just have to grab your favorite photo/poster from the net and resize it to fit your mobile phone screen. You can use Google to search the supported image size of your mobile phone.

So, start googling away and join the Potter Mania! Personally, I love this particular movie. I think it's well made compared with the other five Harry Potter movies.

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