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Donna Karan Launches iPhone App


Written on 8/10/2009 03:33:00 PM by poison_ivy

If Fashionistas think that the iPhone is a stylish phone by itself, well, here's an iPhone app that would cement the fact that the iPhone is a must-have phone for Paris Hilton wannabes. Donna Karan has just launched an iPhone application which coincides with her Fall 2009 collection.

The Donna Karan iPhone application lets DKNY fans connect with the style icon and they can get an exclusive glimpse of the fashion video called "System of Dressing" where Karan discusses the how-tos of maximizing the flexibility of clothes. Consumers will also see Donna's journal which is updated daily.

Well, I'm not really a fashionista or anything but to have a separate iPhone app?Isn't Facebook and Twitter enough?

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