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iPhone's SMS vulnerability patched up


Written on 8/01/2009 01:25:00 PM by poison_ivy

Apple has recently introduced a fix for the iPhone SMS vulnerability found by some security researchers. Apple has introduced firmware update 3.0.1 which aims to patch up the security hole which allows hackers to send an SMS to a vulnerable iPhone so that they could take control of the phone and use it to spy on the user, or use the iPhone for mass DDS attacks.

The security researcher who found the vulnerability on the phone threatened to expose it to upcoming Black Hat convention but thankfully, Apple issued a patch.

Of course, those who have had their iPhones jailbroken or unlocked would be vulnerable if they don't update their firmware soon but it would close up their iPhones again. So I guess they'll be choosing between a jailbroken iPhone or a possibly hackable iPhone. Tough choice.

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