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iPhone Battery draining too fast or takes a long time charging


Written on 9/23/2009 04:48:00 PM by poison_ivy

Now this is really irritating. It happened twice now. My shiny new iPhone doesn't seem to hold charge. I mean, I charged it to full capacity and then only after a day, without playing music, using internet, locations services or WiFi, I need to charge the phone again. And as if that's not enough of a problem, even though I charge the iPhone for the whole night, it's still at half the battery the next morning. What is that?!

Anyways, the first time it happened, I read somewhere that I just needed to do a soft reset. Sure, no problem, all I have to do is hold the power button (top right button) and the home button (middle button) at the same time until the Apple logo shows up. So I reset the phone and thankfully, that save me the trip to the Apple Store. However, the same problem happened again yesterday. I'm hoping that the same trick would fix it again but if not, I guess I can't delay the inevitable and have to take this phone back. Too bad, it's kinda growing on me. At least I still have my trusty WinMo phone. ;)

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  1. Unknown |

    Any mobile phone which have problem to draining battery too fast havent problem of sofware,
    it is problem of the Hardware

    steps to solve:-

    1. First change your battery from service center

    2. if problem don't solved than
    the fault in PA/PFO/FEM Replace it

    3. if problem don,t solve than change power ic/ UEM & Reload software.


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