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Motorola DEXT exclusive to Orange


Written on 9/12/2009 08:30:00 AM by poison_ivy

If the Motorola CLIQ will be exclusive to T-Mobile USA, here in the UK, it seems that Orange will get an exclusive deal to the Motorola DEXT, adding another Android mobile phone to their portfolio, along with the HTC Hero. Although the Orange website doesn't have the Motorola DEXT page up yet, according to Motorola's website, pre-orders for the Motorola DEXT will start on Sept. 22nd, so you might want to check Orange's website by then.

Those who don't want to pre-order, you can get the Motorola DEXT in store in the UK as early as October. Those in the US wanting a Motorola CLIQ have to wait until early December under T-Mobile, of course. There's no word as to pricing yet.

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