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Motorola Milestone aka the Droid Available in O2 Germany


Written on 11/17/2009 03:16:00 PM by poison_ivy

Even though we here in Europe are blessed to have mobile phones released here first compared with the rest of the world, our German brothers are more lucky because they always seem to get the good stuff before we do. I won't list all the phones that they were lucky enough to get but today, they get the much hyped Motorola Milestone before we do.

If you've been hanging out in American blogs such as Engadget, you've probably heard of the Droid, which is the Verizon version of the Motorola Milestone in the States. The Motorola Milestone's claim to fame is that it's the thinnest mobile phone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and the first mobile phone to run Android 2.0 aka Eclair.

Well, the Motorola DEXT isn't getting a lot of love here so maybe with the right kind of buzz, the Motorola Milestone will create a stir before it lands in UK shores. The Motorola Milestone is available on O2 Germany and Vodafone Germnay will soon follow.

Source: GSMArena

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