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Vodafone Samsung 360 H1


Written on 11/23/2009 01:38:00 PM by poison_ivy

Vodafone has always been one to release their own branded mobile phones. Well, the Samsung 360 H1 is Vodafone's latest and exclusive mobile phone made for them by Samsung.


The design of the Samsung 360 H1 is reminiscent of a lot of previous Samsung mobile phone models. It actually looks like a cross between the Samsung Tocco Ultra and the Samsung Omnia Lite, the latter being its nearest doppleganger with the Samsung 360 having a larger touchscreen. The three hardware buttons on the bottom of the phone is not your usual call and end buttons but are menu buttons. It's kind of frustrating and takes a while to get used to.


The Samsung 360's UI is totally new. It's not Samsung's proprietary UI which can be found on the Samsung Jet but it's a mobile Linux OS. Now the UI is very pretty. You can see all your icons on your menu screen and the homescreen is pretty interesting. If it weren't for the homescreens of the Motorola DEXT and the Nokia N900, I'd probably say that the Samsung 360's UI is groundbreaking but no, it seems every phone manufacturer is into that whole social networking UI. Your contacts would appear in a 3D interface based on your most used contacts. Like I said, it's really pretty but somehow, even if I do become a social networking nut, I probably wouldn't be using it as much considering that I have many Facebook friends, browsing through your contacts using the Samsung 360's homescreen UI would most likely be time consuming. Also, in order to make full use of Vodafone 360, your friends need to be in the service as well.

Going past the UI, the Samsung 360 offers a capacitive touchscreen. Now I would have been excited considering that I totally like my Samsung i8910 HD's capactive screen because it's so sensitive and responsive but the Samsung 360 seems to be much like the first generation of Samsung Tocco Ultra. Meaning, 50% of the time it's responsive while the other 50% of the time, you'll find that the interface is laggy especially when opening apps.

The Vodafone 360's browser reminds of the browser on the Samsung i8910 HD. You can zoom in and out of pages by pressing on the screen and the sliding your finger either forward or backward to zoom. You get a lot of pixels when moving around pages but rendering is actually a bit faster.

The camera is typical of Samsung, meaning it's above average. The LED flash is useable, unlike other camera phones.


There are a lot more capable smartphones out there. If you're into social networking, there's the Motorola DEXT with a physical keyboard, as for other Samsung phones, there's the Samsung OmniaLite and Samsung Omnia 2, both full touchscreen phones but the latter two lacks any social networking UI. However, the Vodafone Samsung 360 H1 is probably cheaper than the phones I've mentioned os if it's price you're after, then the Samsung 360 mobile phone is capable enough.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Confusing interface. Gave mine to my sister and I've signed up for any news about the Nokia N900

  2. Mr. Anderson |

    I love mine. Nice touchscreen and very responsive.

  3. brad |

    took along time to get use to this, but i think i have the majority of it covered now, hard work and not very user friendly, and no user manual doesnt help but amazing now i have understand it

  4. Anonymous |

    i'v had mine about 3 weeks, so too late to give it back. Its not very user friendly, just when you think you have it sorted, you open another application that will say "no data" its doing my head in!!

  5. Anonymous |

    the touchscreen keypad when texting is annoying!! the letters are too small, but kinda getting more used to that. also mine keeps closing down the text 'application' and the internet application and all its keeps saying is "this app will be closed due to an app error" i went to the vodafone shop about, they said i have to contact samsung to get it fixed! on the whole i honestly wish i never got rid of my 8gb black Nokia N95, much better to use and more reliable! Also the battery life on the samsung H1 is really poor. have to charge it everyday and even then it still dies mid afternoon if you use the internet or youtube app! (when they want to work!!)

  6. Unknown |

    Worst phone I have ever had the displeasure of owning!

  7. Anonymous |

    dont like it, had it a month so got to keep it. no manual (whats all that about?),my contacts keep disapearing,needs charging everyday,to many "no data" windows,not user friendly,stuck with a 24mth contract,must be the worst phone EVER!!!

  8. Anonymous |

    Evrytime i white the message the text seems to changed to asia letters and i soo dont know how to change it! >:( errrr

  9. margaret laird |

    This has been the worst fone iv ever had misfortune to own,even tho i havent had the same problems as others wi openin applications,i cant download any apps that work on it,i dont see the point of how the 3 buttons are laid out,the 1st is a complete waste of space,if you use the red search button on the side thers no exit from it n u hav to press the apps buttons????????why is ther no manual in the box,why is it the pc studio of any importance as iv yet to c wot its practicle use is?even the samsung web site doesnt hav any information for this fone and i had difficulty findin anyhin on this model!!!this has been my 1st samsung fone and it will be my last.x

  10. njw |

    This phone is terrible! Could it be the worst mobile phone ever made?


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