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Palm Pre Carphone Warehouse free flight promo


Written on 12/29/2009 05:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

Remember the Palm Pre? You know the phone that's supposed to save Palm from bankruptcy? The one that was also set up to be an iPhone killer and the one which is currently selling on O2? Well, if it doesn't ring any bell, it's probably because of its failed marketing in the UK. Apparently, O2 seems to have loads and loads of stock of Palm Pre and in order to boost sales, one of its partners, Carphone Warehouse, is offering two free return flights to one of 15 European destinations if you buy the Palm Pre before January 31st.

The Palm Pre is available for free starting at £45 a month tariff on O2. Unsubsidized price of the Palm Pre starts at around £499.99.

Via: Guardian

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