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Motorola Milestone price drops to £399.99


Written on 1/06/2010 04:29:00 PM by poison_ivy

Darn. If this keeps up, I'm never going to buy a mobile phone early. I'm wasting perfectly good money. When I purchased my Motorola Milestone, it was around £450 and now it's only £399.99. That's £50 down the drain.

Anyways, for those who don't have their Milestone yet, you can buy it at Expansys. Or you can wait a few more weeks and hopefully, the price will drop again. Since none of the UK carriers seem to want to carry the Milestone, Expansys is also offering the Motorola Milestone with a £35 a month contract for 18 months for only £49.99.

Honestly, UK carriers are missing out on the Milestone. It's currently THE phone of the moment in the US and honestly, it's totally comparable with the iPhone. Maybe they're concentrating on the iPhone or waiting for the Google Nexus One.

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  1. Scott |

    God, I hate Expansys! I just ordered mine last week at the original price and now Google Nexus One is out. Talk about wrong timing.

  2. deanparkr | is £399 delivered as well!

    Still too expensive for me though :( but it must be so annoying for people who paid the full £450 price plus delivery charges.

  3. poison_ivy |

    @deaparkr. It's TOTALLY annoying on my part! :( Maybe my new year's resolution should be not to buy mobile phones so early on their release.


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