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How to send text messages to another country


Written on 2/21/2010 03:17:00 PM by poison_ivy

I'm a bit active in Yahoo! Answers and the thing is, I've come upon this question almost 3 times now. So, how do you send text messages to another country?

First, make sure that the service is supported by your service provider. Some service providers doesn't allow your plan to send text messages or call internationally so call your service provider and ask.

Second, find out the country code of the country where you're going to send the text message to, you can search here. Now after finding out the contry code, all you need to do now is input the phone number you're going to text. So if your friend in the US gave you the number 06461234567. Just drop the zero, add a plus (+) sign and then add "1", the number would then look like this: +16461234567. If your phone has an aplhanumeric keypad, tapping the asterisk or pound sign two times would bring up the plus sign.

So there, your friend should be able to receive your text message granting that your service provider supports it and that your friend is somewhere with a phone signal. Of course, sending international text messages is more expensive than your regular text message and may not be part for your free text message allocation. There may be also some delays in receiving your text message.

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