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Motorola Milestone coming soon on Orange?


Written on 2/06/2010 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

So, the rumors are true, if Vodafone will get the Google Nexus One and the Xperia X10, then Orange's new Android mobile phone will be the Motorola Milestone. Carphone Warehouse and E2Save already has the Milestone in their coming soon page and E2Save (still a carphone warehouse affiliated company)only has Orange as the mobile phone provider.

Of course, on Orange's official website, the Motorola Milestone is nowhere to be seen but considering that they already have the Motorola DEXT, it's not so far fetched that they too will carry the Motorola Milestone.

Source: e2save and Carphone Warehouse

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  1. Shane |

    So excited to see this on Orange. I'm due for an upgrade soon.


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