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What is Windows Phone 7 Series?


Written on 2/25/2010 02:41:00 PM by poison_ivy

For those watching the news but aren't really blog hoppers, you might have heard about Windows Phone 7 series and wondering what is it? Is it a phone? Can I buy it? When will this be available in the UK? Well, let me introduce to you the new mobile phone OS that is Windows Phone 7 Series.

First, Windows Phone 7 Series is just a mouthful so from here on now I'm going to refer to it as WP7. Anyways, WP7 is a mobile phone OS. What is that? Well, like PCs, it's what makes your phone run. OSX is the OS of Macs and Macbooks, Windows is the OS for most PCs and Linux, well, it's another computer OS too. If you know a bit about mobile phones, you would know that Microsoft already has their own OS, Windows Mobile, which in its current version, is around 6.5.3. But Windows Mobile has been around way before iPhones or sidekicks and has sticked around even when Palm was on the verge of shutting down. So you get the point, Windows Mobile is an old OS, and back then I remember when I had my first Pocket PC and the different guys in the forums say that it's a sacrilege to even use your finger on your Pocket PC (windows Mobile). So Windows Mobile is to stylus, in short, it's not exactly finger friendly. Then came the iPhone which revolutionized touch screen mobile phones. Slowly, windows mobile is taking a back seat in the smartphone world. The iPhone became the "must-have" smartphone. Then came Android so people now have a lot of choices and using a stylus on your mobile phone is slowly becoming obsolete. This is bad news for Microsoft as with the way things are going, the mobile phone is now the new PC.

Enter 2010 and Mobile World Congress. Microsoft finally announced the latest overhaul of their mobile phone OS: Windows Phone 7 Series. While Microsoft has been lax with what hardware manufacturers do with their OS, it's a different story for WP7. Before Microsoft gives you a go signal to use their OS, you have to meet specific hardware requirements like 1GHz processor, 4 point capacitive touchscreen, and specific hardware buttons.

So what's all the fuss about? Well, we might be seeing another mobile phone revolution. You know how it is when there's competition. With all the previews we've been seeing with Windows Phone 7 Series, a lot of people have been saying that this is the REAL iPhone killer. With WP7 users will get a lot of hardware choices and since Microsoft is king of the PC, expect seamless integration with your PC, MSN, Outlook, Xbox (yes, there's an Xbox integration), and everything Microsoft. But enough with the chit-chat, now that you have some sort of background, check the extensive Windows Phone 7 Series video demo below and decide for yourself whether you'd sell your soul--or you can settle for your iPhone, to get the latest WP7 handsets.

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    It's an eye candy alright but it has too much animation. I mean can you imagine when you want to go back to the homescreen you have to wait for all that animations to finish?!

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    For sharing thank you very much good very beautifu


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