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Written on 4/27/2010 01:53:00 PM by poison_ivy

Nokia has recently made official their newest mobile phone: the Nokia N8. The Nokia N8 runs on Nokia's newest OS, the Symbian^3. So, is the Symbian^3 enough to compete with the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7? My impressions of this handset  is based on the early review of the Nokia N8 from mobile-review.


The Nokia N8 will have a 3.5 inch capacitive, AMOLED touchscreen with multi-touch input. Multitouch will be a first for Nokia as the previous version of Symbian doesn't support multitouch. The N8 will initially be available in five different colors: Dark grey, Green, Blue, Silver White, and Orange. There's not much information in terms of what materials the N8 will be built but mobile-review says that build quality is actually good.


I was pretty excited about Symbian^3. I thought Nokia would finally come up with something great. However, looking at pictures from mobile-review website, I was actually disappointed. The UI looks the same, the homescreen looks the same as the Nokia N97 Mini. Too bad there were no videos to see how responsive the screen is or how they implemented multitouch. Although the UI is a disappointment, the Nokia N8 has a lot of features to offer.

First is the 12 megapixel camera, although Nokia is not the first phone company to release a 12 megapixel camera, they're still one of the best manufacturers of camera phones. The Nokia N8 also features 720p video recording, again, this is not the first for a mobile phone but we'll have to see initial video samples of the N8's video to see how it fairs against the Vivaz or Samsung's i8910 HD. What is first is that Nokia's latest mobile phone has a mini-HDMI port. Hopefully, Nokia would include the cable in the package rather than us buyers buying it separately, but then again, we better not get our hopes up.

Other features that the Nokia N8 can boast about is 16GB internal storage expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Oh, and let's not forget that Symbian^3 allows cross-platform apps so any apps that will be developed for Meego and Symbian will be compatible with Symbian^3.


A lot of tech-savvy folks may be disappointed with Symbian^3 on the Nokia N8 but let's not forget that die-hard Nokia fans are fans because of how easy Symbian's interface is. No matter how many times you switch Nokia phones, the learning curve is almost nil because the UI is the same. So maybe Nokia is going the tried and tested way and decided not to tweak Symbian^3 that much. After all, they're still number one in the world market.

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    I have been using the Nokia N8 for about four months, and is the best Nokia mobile I have had! Recommend!!!

  2. Anonymous |

    n8 users, have you experience that the device wont charge?? any problem with it? what will i do? i was just using it for a month.. :(


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