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Best Broadband Provider in the UK


Written on 5/04/2010 01:58:00 PM by poison_ivy

Forget about comparison websites, the best broadband provider in the UK, according to an independent survey firm,, is O2. Not bad, considering the company entered the broadband game only 3 years ago, surpassing old players such as AOL, BT, and Orange.

O2 won every almost every category including best value for money, best customer service, best technical support, and best quality of connection.

The basic broadband package from O2 is £12.50 a month but if you're an existing O2 subscriber, including those on Pay as you Go topping up at least £10 a month every three months can pay £7.50 for the basic package including unlimited downloads.

According to the survey firm, the continued success of O2 may be attributed to its customer service and cheap service.

Via: Guardian

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