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Written on 5/13/2010 03:54:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, can't wait to get your iPad and you want to pre-order right now? O2, Vodafone and Orange have already announced their iPad Price plans so if you're confused on which data plan would suit you, here's a breakdown of each network's iPad plans.


Currently, Vodafone is offering the iPad on 2 monthly price plans: £10 and £25 per month. With £10 a month, you get 1GB of data and with £20 monthly plan, you get 5GB of data. It's pretty basic and simple but Vodafone is the only network offering £9.99 data roaming charges and you don't get to be tied up for 24 months, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days.


O2 offers 3 plans for the Apple iPad. First is the £2 per day and you get 500MB of data and will expire within 24 hours. The second is £10 per month plan and you get 1GB of data and the last is the £15 per month and you get 3GB of data. The £2 plan would be perfect for those who're not internet hogs plus O2 offers free unlimited WiFi access at any BT Openzone or Cloud hotspot on all their plans which makes the £2 per day plan enticing for those who're always near a Cloud/BT hotspot.


Orange is the only network offering the most monthly plan for the Apple iPad. The closest thing to a PAYG plan is Orange's pay for what you use which costs 5p for every 1MB of data download. Orange is also offering a daily plan at £2 per day with 200MB data and a weekly plan at £7.50 for 1GB of data download. Orange's monthly price plan is £15 a month for 3GB of data and £25 for 10GB data plan. Orange is also offering free WiFi access for their monthly subscriptions on all BT Openzone hotspots.


IMO, if it were me, I think O2's plans are enticing considering that they offer more free WiFi hotspots in the UK. If I were you, I'd take the daily plan and see how much usage I can use up in a month and then go from there.

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