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iPhone 4 signal problems: 3 quick fixes


Written on 7/14/2010 04:20:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, the fact that the US Consumer Reports have reported it means that the iPhone 4 signal issues is more rampant than some of you thought. If you visit iPhone forums, you'll encounter some user who have experienced signal problems when they hold the iPhone 4 on the bottom left side. So here's some quick fixes.

Buy A Bumper

Sure, £20 is a lot to spend on an iPhone 4 bumper but a lot of people have reported to have minimized if not completely erradicate the signal issue when they put on the bumper.

Duct Tape it

If you don't have £20 to spend, the cheaper alternative is to put a duct tape over the problem area. Yep, I'm sure many of us have some duct tape lying around and though the look would clash with your shiny new iPhone, at least you won't get any signal problems.

Practice Being Right Handed

Or if you don't want to spend single cent any more after spending all your dough on a new iPhone, do what Steve Jobs said and just hold it the "right way". For left-handed people, that means being ambidextrous, at least when it comes to your iPhone 4.

Wait for the White iPhone 4 or for a permanent fix

For those who haven't jumped the iPhone 4 bandwagon because of this issue, it would either come to two choices: Wait for the white iPhone 4 and hope that it won't get the same problem or wait for Apple to release a more permanent fix through a software update which some bloggers say is unlikely since it is a hardware problem and not a software issue. 

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    If we buy bumper, of course it costly. Better hold it on right hand.


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