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Best iPhone 4 screen protectors


Written on 9/12/2010 04:24:00 PM by poison_ivy

For new touchscreen phone owners, the most important accessory for your phone is a screen protector. Having only the screen as an input option, of course it's prone to scratches. Although some people claim that the iPhone 4 has a scratch resistant screen, I know from experience that it's not the case and the glass screen is still prone to scratches so screen protectors are a must.

But one of the downside of having the a screen protector is that some screen protectors lessen the clarity of the iPhone 4's retina display. So when considering a screen protector, you have to take into consideration what you really want? Do you want REAL protection from scratches and drops, just basic protection while retaining the screen's clarity, or protection plus freedom from fingerprint smudges?

While doing my own research, here are some of the notable screen protectors that most users prefer.

Zagg InvisibleShield for iPhone 4

Zagg is still one of the most popular screen protectors out in the market today. Not only does it protect your iPhone 4's screen, it protects the back and side as well. The best thing about this screen protector is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. You just need to pay for the shipping of the product. One of the downside of Zagg is that it's tedious to put on but if you buy from a brick and mortar store, there's usually someone there who can put it on for you. Another downside which I don't like but others don't mind is that you have to use a solution to put the screen protector on. I don't know, I just don't like my phone to be sprayed as it might leave moisture inside. Zagg offers protection from scratches, it's smudge free, but it does diminish the clarity of the iPhone 4's retina display.

BodyGuardz Screen protector for iPhone 4

BodyGuardz is pretty much the same as Zagg Invisibleshield, it protects the whole body of your phone and requires a wet solution. One of the advantage of BodyGuardz is that according to owners, it doesn't have an orange peel effect compared with Zagg, the BodyGuardz package also comes with two protectors. Like Zagg, it protects your phone from scratches and smudges but also diminishes the phone's clarity.

Brando Screen Protector Ultra Clear

I've used Brando's Ultra Clear Screen Protectors from my previous touchscreen phones. I have to say that the clarity of their Ultra Clear screen protectors is best. The downside is that it's a bit expensive. $10 for only the front screen protector and $18 for the front and back protectors. That leaves the chrome sides of the iPhone 4 unprotected from scratches so you have to either use an iPhone 4 case or bumper case to protect the sides. The smudges are still there but it's easy to wipe off, but if you're looking for clarity, Brando delivers.

Powersupport HD Anti-glare film iPhone 4

Another screen protector that is getting rave reviews from forums although not so well on Amazon. Some people say that it's clear and doesn't affect the iPhone 4's retina display although some reviewers from Amazon say otherwise. I was about to get this based on reviews on the forums but then saw the Amazon reviews. I'm quite in the middle about this.

Seidio Crystal Protector for iPhone 4

The Seidio Crystal screen protector was one of the first protectors I've purchased for the iPhone 4. The good thing about this is that it has a front and back protector plus comes in two packs. It's cheaper than the Brando front and back Ultra Clear protectors and comes with a cleaning cloth and an application card. It doesn't affect the iPhone 4's display in anyway and is almost at par with Brando's ultra clear screen protector. The downside? It doesn't have clear instructions and the protector is VERY prone to smudges that it's bordering on annoying. The smudges can't be easily wiped off.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Take my advice, don't use zagg. Application is messy plus it leaves a rubbery feel. Also, it lessens the clarity of the iPhone 4s retina display

  2. Anonymous |

    Take my advice, don't use zagg. Application is messy plus it leaves a rubbery feel. Also, it lessens the clarity of the iPhone 4s retina display

  3. Mike |

    SGP Ultra Clear protector for me.

  4. Anonymous |

    Is the Brando Ultraclear Screen Protector better than the Power Support Crystal Film St protector which is more in price but proce is not everything in a product?

  5. Schwantes |

    GadgetShieldz is different from the others in that it is very cheap but is made from the same material as its more expensive competitors. For only around $7 plus free shipping worldwide, I mean how can you lose?


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