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Powwownow Conference Call App


Written on 2/14/2011 06:10:00 PM by poison_ivy

There are a lot of conference call apps for the iPhone in the App store and one of these apps is the Powwownow Conference Calls. Now I know what you're thinking, the iPhone can already do conference call natively on the phone why would you need an app for that?

Well, for those who don't know how to make a conference call on the iPhone without an app, you just dial the number of one of the participant, put that person on hold, call the other participant, then merge the calls. Voila! You're now conferencing on the iPhone. But you have to note that when you conference call and you're the one initiating the calls, you're charged for each call you make. Not really a viable idea for business users who're calling five persons especially if those five persons are abroad.

Enter the Powwownow app. This app lets you email the participants to schedule your conference calls. The email contains the time and date of the conference call, the dial-in number, and the PIN. Again, this app is targeted mainly for the business users as the scheduler is especially useful if the participants in the conference call are abroad. One cool feature of the app is that when a participant calls early, they'll hear music in the background. Powwownow also offers a package wherein if you have participants abroad, the call-in number they can dial can be a local number if the country they're in is supported, thereby saving on international calls.

One thing that might irritate some users of the app is that if you're adding participants from your iPhone contacts, the app only adds the mobile number and does not let you choose if you want to call the participant's work number or home number. This will be annoying since if you want to call a participant's home/work number, you have to either create a contact on the app or you could temporarily assign the participant's home/work number as a mobile number in your iPhone contacts.

For ordinary users who're using conference calls just to chat with friends or gossip amongst friends, this app isn't really for you, I'd say just use the native conference call function on the iPhone or your capable handset. However, for business users who are looking to save on conference calls especially abroad, then this app together with Powwownow's International Access offer might be for you.

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