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The Collection App: Your Tablet just got better


Written on 4/18/2011 03:52:00 PM by poison_ivy

Ringier, a Swedish Media Company has just recently released an iPad application that would revolutionize magazine apps or appazine on tablets. The Collection appazine will be a monthly magazine of sorts and will feature globally relevant topics and it will also be the first appazine to be published simultaneously in English, German, and Chinese. 

Now while there are already a lot of magazine subscription apps in the Apple App Store, The Collection aims to be different by providing users with a more intuitive interface. With ordinary magazine apps, you'll only get the written content plus pictures and an occasional animation of pages being turned but with this new appazine, you'll get a highly interactive magazine featuring a lot of audios, videos, 3D digital animation, and other interactive elements.

The Collection app kinda reminds me of the interactive Encarta Encyclopedia CDs though only better. This month, the app will be all about Prince William's upcoming wedding. Of course, the theme will be different monthly with the Swedish company promising relevant content every month. According to the Ringier, this will be a global app, so hopefully, in the near future, we will see versions of the collection for Android, WebOS, and even Blackberry Tablets.

The Collection is an app that will give users a unique and entertaining experience that would revolutionize magazine apps. There are already a lot of reasons to buy a Tablet and Ringier just added another reason to the list with The Collection. Screenshots of the app below.


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