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HP Pre 3 fire sale in UK!


Written on 8/23/2011 03:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

If you've been trolling tech blogs since last Saturday, the hottest buzz around is that HP is dropping their HP Touchpad price to £89. But alas, you're bloody lucky if you ever find one available if you've only heard about this now. I've searched sites even in the US but all is gone. *sob*

But never fret or get envious of the thousand lucky Americans who got the HP Touchpad at a bargain coz it seems that the HP Pre 3 will also get a fire sale, America not included. So that means more stock for us here in the UK. Word is that the Pre 3 will go on sale for £75 unlocked in France and UK. Woot! So better check various mobile phone retailers starting today so that you won't miss out on the sale.


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