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A look at the Nokia N96


Written on 2/13/2008 04:22:00 PM by poison_ivy

At the Mobile World Congress, Nokia has unveiled a lot of phones and one of these is the Nokia N96. However, Nokia insists that the Nokia N96 is not a "mobile phone" but a multimedia computer. The Nokia N96 pretty much looks like the Nokia N81 except now it has a dual slider function.

Not much has changed except that now, as compared with the Nokia N81, the Nokia N96 sports a 2.8 inch screen and 16 gigabytes of internal memory, which mind you, is expandable with a microSD card. The Nokia N96, like the Nokia N95 (both models) has a 5 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, an integrated A-gps, integrated DVB-H receiver for viewing TV shows (selected markets and network dependent), WLAN and HSDPA capable.

I guess Nokia is marketing the Nokia N96 to be more of a TV phone since it even has a kickstand on the back cover so you can watch videos handsfree.

The Nokia N96 will be available in the third quarter of 2008 and has a price of 550 Euros.


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