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Overview: LG KF700


Written on 2/17/2008 02:44:00 AM by poison_ivy

After announcing the LG KF510, the LG KF700 is another stylish phone that the company churned out during the recently concluded Mobile World Congress. The LG KF700 has three input methods: touch screen, alpha-numeric keypad, and shortcut dial.

Users can handle the LG KF700 through its large 3 inch touch screen and users can easily access menus and programs using the LG KF700's handy widgets. Another input method on the LG KF700 is the shortcut dial wherein users can select their six most used feature through the virtual dial on screen, like most scroll wheels, the shortcut dial on the LG KF700 can be used to scroll web pages or adjust volume.

If you like the traditional phone pad on mobile phones, you'll be glad that the LG KF700 sports an alpha numeric keypad rather than a QWERTY keypad which is commonly found on most smartphones today. According to LG, this new phone is capable of full web browsing and users can zoom in and out of web pages using the LG KF700's shortcut dial.

Other features on the LG KF700 includes: 3G and HSDPA capable, MP3 player and MP4 player, 3.0 mega pixel camera and Bluetooth, among others. This new LG phone will be available in Europe starting March.

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