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Samsung i640 Quick Review


Written on 2/29/2008 12:29:00 PM by poison_ivy

If you can’t wait for the Samsung i780 then you might want to settle for the Samsung i640 instead. It’s cheaper and is already available in Vodafone networks in the UK.


The Samsung i640 is another sleek slider from the World’s number 2 mobile phone manufacturer though quite a bit different from their other slider phones. The Samsung i640 when compared with Samsung’s other slider phones is probably a bit wider and a bit bulkier than the others. But I guess it’s understandable because of the QWERTY keyboard and the large 2.4 inch display.

What’s to Like

The Samsung i640 has a lot of features to like. For one, it’s a Quad band phone plus HSDPA capable. This device also runs on Windows Mobile 6 so expect Office Mobile applications such as Word, Excel, and a Powerpoint viewer. The big navigation wheel in the middle of the Samsung i640 is also very easy to use. It’s like the circular navigation button on the HTC Touch Cruise, you can either press it or move your fingers around it to access some menus. The Samsung i640 combines the look of a simple candy bar phone and the functionality of a slider. The QWERTY keyboard is also ergonomic and is something that Blackberry users will most certainly like.

What’s to Hate

From the product specifications, I can’t see the processor speed of the Samsung i640 but I’m assuming it’s just something around 200 MHz because of the slow response of the phone. Samsung should have made the screen a bit bigger, 2.4 inches is not something that most smartphone users are looking for as the standard nowadays is 2.8 inches. They should have just shrunk the call and softkey buttons and did away with their Samsung and Vodafone logo to make room for a bigger screen. For those who frequent coffee shops to make use of Free WiFi, you’ll be disappointed to know that the Samsung i640 doesn’t support WiFi.


Forget what I said in my first paragraph about not being able to wait for the Samsung i780. Feature-wise and design-wise, the Samsung i640 just doesn’t cut it and it just pales in comparison with the Samsung i780. However, since the price of the Samsung i780 would probably be steep, the i640 would be a good alternative if you’re just looking for a reliable smartphone sans the WiFi.

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1 Comment

  1. Nalil |

    this is worst cellphone I have ever used in my entire life. whoever considering this phone should really think twice.
    A.first of all the hardware:
    1. the battery cover is so hard to take off. there are no lock or trigger or anything that can help you with it. you just have rely on your two thumbs and try to push it off the tracks. once I was too frustrated, i throw it off the ground and finally to break it open.
    2. there are no indication light that shows you if you have a missed call or message without turn on the phone.
    3. the keyboard was the feature I looked for, but the vertical slider makes the keyboard so narrow, it's really hard to grab onto. it's impossible to text if you are lying on the bed.
    4. the wheel looks cool, but it's just a gimmick.
    5. there is no button for you to force shutdown the system, and you just stuck when the window mobile suddenly gets crazy. the only way is to remove the battery and then you have to tackle problem 1 as I described above.
    6. no wifi


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