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Samsung i780 Review


Written on 2/19/2008 02:47:00 PM by poison_ivy

The Samsung i780 is Samsung’s newest thin, QWERTY smart phone that runs Windows Mobile. Before being officially announced, the Samsung i780 was aptly called, the Blackjack II, after all, it is the second of Samsung’s Windows Mobile Device and still retains the Blackberry-like form factor.


The Samsung i780 is a solid device, though larger, wider, and heavier than the Samsung i600. The Samsung i780’s larger form factor is understandable since it houses a larger screen. The screen on this device is touch sensitive, has 65k colors and is one of the first devices I’ve seen that has a 320 x 320 screen resolution. The Samsung i780 is not made from cheap plastic materials, the back cover alone has a somewhat leathery look and feel to it.


Before I get to the Samsung i780’s feature, let me give you a run down of its specifications. The Samsung i780 is 3G, EDGE, HSDPA, and GPRS capable. This phone also has a 2 mega pixel camera with 2x digital zoom, WiFi, built-in GPS, 256MB or ROM, 128MB of RAM, Marvell PXA 310 processor up to 624 MHz power, and is powered by Windows Mobile 6.

The Samsung i780 is one of the more powerful Windows Mobile devices I’ve seen. It has three input options: Touch Screen, Touch Sensitive joystick, and of course, the QWERTY keyboard so users would have a variety of choice in handling the Samsung i780. You can use the touch screen with the included stylus or you may opt to use your fingers since the screen of this device isn’t recessed into the casing. The most innovative feature I’ve seen on the Samsung i780 is the touchpad or touch sensitive joystick. With conventional phones, you have to press the joystick but on this device, you have to swipe your fingers around the touchpad so you can gain access to a pointer. This allows you to handle the device with one hand but would take some time getting used to.

What really excites me about the Samsung i780 is its processor and RAM. While Samsung’s online information or any other specifications of the Samsung i780 online doesn’t reveal what kind of processor it houses, a little Google search revealed that it runs on the Marvell PXA 310 which is capable of around 624 MHz of power, almost similar to the processor running on the iPhone. This plus the fact that the Samsung i780 has a 128MB of RAM means that running a multitude of applications would be a breeze on this device and hang-ups would be kept to a minimum, which is something I can’t say about HTC’s windows mobile devices.

One of my qualms about this device is that it has VERY poor sunlight legibility. Screen is COMPLETELY washed out when using in direct sunlight. Keypad is really easy to use, and performance is snappy. I rarely encounter hang-ups which is an improvement compared with my previous HTC devices. Another thing I don't like is the screen resolution. I have some compatibility issues when using previous software which were compatble with my old windows Mobile devices.

The camera is good though not great. You can easily switch between the main and secondary camera on the i780 by using the volume button. Web browsing is a breeze thanks to the included Opera software and the optical mouse. Audio quality is okay for a windows mobile device.


The Samsung i780 is one powerful device. HSDPA, WiFi, GPS and Windows Mobile 6 makes this phone a dream come true for Windows Mobile fans.

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  1. emmanuel |

    can i update the software to 6.1?pls email me on

  2. Anonymous |

    There's a cooked rom on xda developers.

  3. Tim Unbounded |

    I bought this phone about 2 weeks ago from Fizi. It is an absolutely awesome phone for such great value. The amazon maps application I downloaded plus the on board gps allowed me to quickly change my route one day when there was bad traffic. It types great when texting and keeps a list of conversations with the same people. It is so fast. I can quickly get to applications. I love the onboard mouse system. The HSDPA is super fast. I have googlemail as one of my favourite websites and so can see my emails really quickly and forward them or download if I want to. I have not seen any better value phone. There may be better phones, but you'll need to pay at least £100 more. However I am not going to pay £100 more to find out if they are better, as I have had many PDA phones in my time, paying £250 plus £45 month and they were not as good as this one. It is light. It is compact. It fits in my pocket. I like the colours on screen. I can quickly get to my contacts to phone. I can quickly change to silent mode. So thank you Samsung.


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