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New N-Gage Games


Written on 2/20/2008 04:38:00 PM by poison_ivy

Glu Mobile Inc. has announced their upcoming game titles for the Nokia N-Gage platform that will be released later on this year. Glu's three new N-Gage games include: Speed Racer, Super Slam Ping Pong! And the Dark Knight.

Both Speed Racer and the Dark Knight are inspired by the upcoming movies of the same title while the Super Slam Ping Pong! Is Glu's own game title taken from their hit game Super K.O. Boxing!

Speed Racer is your regular racing game where players will compete in the grand prix champion in the mach 6. In the Dark Knight, players play as Batman and fight crime in Gotham City using combat skills as well as an array of gadgets.
No word yet as to the exact release date.


Liscio Mobile Phone

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  1. James Odenyo |

    this phone is great. it is like walking with an office. Messaging is absolutely easy since the phone keeps memory of the keyed in words and figures.
    the only issue i have is i seriouly need user manual and have been unsuccessful downloading online. can someone at Samsung advise me asap.
    Otherwise i have switched from Nokia to Samsung.


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