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Nokia 6500 Classic Review


Written on 5/17/2008 05:17:00 PM by poison_ivy

Mobile Phones come in different designs nowadays. But if you’re looking for a traditional phone that has a very simple design, the Nokia 6500 classic may suit you.


The Nokia 6500 Classic is a slim candy bar phone. It’s probably the slimmest Nokia phone I’ve come across but then again, I haven’t had that many ever since Windows Mobile came my way. Anyways, the Nokia 6500 classic’s casing is made from anodized aluminum. Whatever that is, it sure made the Nokia 6500 classic look so classy.


Though the Nokia 6500 Classic looks simple enough, don’t let its exterior fool you. Underneath this simple yet elegant design lays a 1GB onboard memory. It’s not exactly enough to store your music collection but you can store some pics and some your selected few favorite songs to pass the time. And of course, let’s not forget that the Nokia 6500 Classic is 3G capable. With it’s two inch display and if you have Opera Mini installed, you can do a quick check of your favorite blog or read up on your current events. The two inch display does a good job of viewing images and is readable under direct sunlight.

The Nokia 6500 Classic also supports Bluetooth stereo A2DP plus call quality is actually good. Music quality through headphones is passable but it’s not a music phone.


Although the Nokia 6500 Classic has a 1GB onboard memory, it doesn’t have an expansion slot so you’re limited to what you have. The 6500 Classic has a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash but there’s no autofocus so don’t expect the image quality to wow you.

I don’t know what Nokia’s designers are thinking with the keypad. If you’re using SMS as much as I do, you know that a raised bezel should be the one to push on a mobile phone, however, on the Nokia 6500 Classic, it’s not the raised bezel that you press on the keypad but the one above it. This handset is obviously not made for speed texting.

Also, I thought that all Nokia phones come standard with FM tuners. I mean, their low-end phones have one so why they didn’t put one on the Nokia 6500 Classic is beyond me.


If you’re a businessman who’s just looking for a simple phone that can let you make calls, with the added plus of 3G, then the Nokia 6500 Classic may be right up your alley. However, those looking for a sleek phone that is packed with features, you’re better off getting more bang for your buck with other handsets.

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