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Motorola MotoZine ZN5


Written on 6/23/2008 05:01:00 PM by poison_ivy

Finally, Motorola has dediced to release a camera phone. Though I understand that Motorola really doesn't have the resources to build a good quality camera phone, them partnering with Kodak to build the MotoZine ZN5 seems promising.

So what does the Motorola MotoZine ZN5 has to offer that other 5 megapixel camera phones doesn't have? Well for starters, the MotoZine ZN5 has a fun interface...that is, if you love the mode shift technology on the MotoROKR E8.

But first, since the MotoZine ZN5 is mainly a camera phone, let's check out what are the camera phone goodies. First off is its 5 mega pixel sensor which is proudly Kodak, of course and is protected by a sliding lens cover. A xenon flash, autofocus, low light optimized images, multi-shot mode, fixed optical zoom lens, a digital viewfinder, and a Focal length of 5.56mm and Aperture value of 2.8/5.6. As for the image quality, if it is really true that the pictures on the MotoZine ZN5 Kodak Gallery is taken by the same camera phone, then the sample images would make you go--WOW! Of course, we don't know if these photos are unaltered or the photographers gave it a little oomph with Photoshop.

Other features of the Motorola MotoZine ZN5 includes: a 2.4 inch screen, 350MB onboard memory expandable up to 4GB with a memory card, 3.5mm headset jack, WiFi, Stereo Bluetooth, Microsoft Windows Media Player 11, and an FM radio.

The Motorola MotoZine ZN5 will be available in China first in July 2008 followed by the rest of the world.

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