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Overview: Motorola MotoROKR EM28


Written on 8/10/2008 04:29:00 AM by poison_ivy

The latest addition to Motorola’s ROKR music phone line is the Moto ROKR EM28.


The Motorola MotoROKR EM28 sports the familiar RAZR clamshell design. However, unlike the previous RAZR2 models, the Motorola Moto ROKR EM28 is slightly bulkier and sports a trendy white and blue color. The keypad on the Motorola ROKR EM28 is also more raised which is an improvement considering that Motorola’s RAZR phones is a texter’s nightmare because of the keypad’s flat surface.


Though the Motorola MotoROKR EM28 doesn’t have the EM30’s mode shift technology, it does have dedicated music keys on the front screen similar to the RAZR2 and the V6 Maxx. The music keys are touch sensitive and only lights up when you need the music player.

The built-in FM radio with RDS technology is one of the features on the Motorola Moto ROKR EM28 which makes this a solid music phone. Other new features include SONGID, though it is only available with AT&T and LATAM. The Motorola ROKR EM28 also has the ability to record FM radio songs in mono so you can use it as a ring tone. Of course, nowadays, it’s not really a music phone unless it has Bluetooth wireless A2DP profile and thankfully, the Motorola MotoROKR EM28 also has that feature as well.

Limitations of the Motorola Moto ROKR EM28 includes: no 3G, no built-in internal memory though it has a microSD slot but you can only use up to 2GB removable storage. External camera is also only at 1.3 megapixel but with video recording capability.


I’ve always liked Motorola’s music phones specially the ROKR line since music played through the speaker phone is always clear. If the Motorola Moto ROKR EM28 lives up to its expectations, then this would be a solid, middle-range, music phone for you. The Motorola ROKR EM28 is expected to be available in late September, worldwide.

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