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Unlock Iphone 3g with Sim-card


Written on 8/11/2008 11:30:00 AM by poison_ivy

In all countries where the iphone 3g is available, you must sign a contract if you want to own one. For example, with AT&T you have to make a first payment of 199$ and sign up to a contract of 2 years! Yes, that’s a lot, that’s why some guys developed a way to unlock the iphone 3g, so that they won't have to be tied down with any contract. At this moment, the guys from iphone-dev are developing how to unlock iphone 3g with software, without touching the hardware, but it’s not available yet.

The only thing that it’s available right now for the iphone 3g is jailbreaking, which allows you to get iphone downloads from the app store, and having cydia or installer to add more apps to your iPhone. RIght now, the only way to unlock your iPhone is with a sim-card. You cut a small piece of your current sim, and attach the unlock card of Brando called i-smartphone 2008, which claims to unlock almost all gsm devices and 3g cards. This unlock card is just 20.5$ USD, and it’s available online.

With your iphone unlocked you will be able to use any carrier that works with GSM, but remember that the 3g service isn’t available with all the carriers. There’s no point on Unlocking your iPhone if you live in the US, because T-Mobile 3g operates on the 1700 band, so the only way to use the iPhone's 3g service is with at&t.

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  1. Unknown |

    It's still not been released yet - it should be due out today! You can get the latest news and download Yellowsn0w at their official website, yellowsn0w.net.

    Dont forget that it wont unlock iPhone 3G's running firmware version 2.2, only iPhone 3G's running firmware 2.1 or earlier.

    Unlock iPhone HQ

  2. Unknown |

    I got my Iphone Unlock software and some of the apps at http://iphoneunlockhq.com and it all works perfectly

  3. Unknown |

    Does anyone know how I can Unlock iPhone 3.0? Can it be done using Yellowsnow?


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