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Where does your phone go when recycled?


Written on 8/12/2008 02:58:00 AM by poison_ivy

Because of the mobile phone era, mobile phone manufacturers are churning out new mobile phones almost every quarter. If you’re an upgrade freak like me, you probably change mobile phones every time a new one comes along. Now upgrading your mobile phone may seem harmless enough if you resell your old phone or pass it on to someone in your family, however, the problem begins when you throw away your mobile.

Cell phones and other consumer electronics, since they’re not biodegradable are harder to recycle. Electronics manufacturer like Sony are coming up with recycling programs and even other companies offer to recycle your mobile phones for you.

Other consumer electronics can be easily recycled. Some companies disassemble some of their electronic components and resold in bulk to companies such as usbid.com, a popular site for finding hard to find electronic parts. However, mobile phones can be harder to recycle since they can easily be obsolete in two to three years so there would be no use for their electronic parts. They can, however, be disposed of in a safe manner. Mobile phone batteries in particular can be harmful to the environment so recycling companies use some special method in disposing of these. Metal components in mobile phones are also recycled to make new metals.

Even though it’s nice to have new mobiles every quarter, we should also be aware of its environmental impact. Wherever your old mobile goes, just remember to dispose of them properly and make use of those recycling companies that offers mobile phone recycling.

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