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Software to Rip Your CD Collection and transfer it on your Mobile


Written on 9/09/2008 04:37:00 PM by poison_ivy

If you've just recently gotten yourself a music phone, you might want to transfer your CD collection to your device or to a memory card to be played on your mobile phone. I usually use Windows Media Player but I always get a .wma files when I rip my CD collection which is a pain since some mobile phones can't play .wma files.

I've since been using Blaze Media Pro Software to rip my CD Collection. The software offers an easy interface and could quickly rip a CD in a minute or two, way faster than Windows Media Player. If you also like to view videos in your mobile, then you can also use Blaze Media Pro as a video encoder. Blaze Media Pro is also a MOV converter, if you have some Quicktime videos that you want to convert and view on your mobile or directly on your PC without the need for downloading the Quicktime software.

As a DVD software, you can also rip your DVDs and convert it to a variety of file formats. What I really like about Blaze Media is the fact that it can extract audio files from video files. I actually created a bunch of SMS ringtones from my nephew's Spongebob DVDs. You can save the audio file as an MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.

For those looking for an easy solution to transfer their exisiting multimedia collection on their PC into a more mobile friendly format, Blaze Media Pro is a must-have software.

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