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Using a Phone Card on your Mobile Phone


Written on 9/11/2008 09:03:00 AM by poison_ivy

A friend of mine recently tried calling India on their mobile phone and when she received her phone bills…well, let’s just say she had to put off using it for two months in order for her to pay off her bills. Well, though wireless carriers have dropped their international calling rates, catching up on news on your family abroad is definitely not recommended for mobile phone users.

International phone cards are still the cheapest way to call abroad. If you’re worried about only using the phone card on a landline phone, you can actually use your mobile phone in conjunction with the phone card without racking up your international calls. The call would pass through the phone card provider and register as a local call with the mobile phone carrier while the phone card provider will connect you internationally.

Of course, if your mobile phone has Skype functions you can further save on your calls. Anyways, just be sure that when buying your phone cards, it has the capability of being used on a mobile phone so read every detail before buying.

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