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T-Mobile Google G1 Phone aka HTC Dream: First Impressions


Written on 9/25/2008 05:10:00 PM by poison_ivy

Okay, I just can’t understand why if a big company such as Google decides to release a phone, its status bypasses the “potential iPhone killer” to AN “iPhone killer”. I mean, come on. Anyways, here are just my first impressions about the phone.


A lot of people are commenting that the design of the Google G1 Phone is butt ugly. I actually like it. It’s somewhat innovative and I’m glad for a physical keyboard. Sure, it’s still not as pretty as the iPhone but it will do.

Operating System

Now I’m not a Linux user but I’m an avid supporter of anything that’s free. Since the Android OS is an open source program, users will get the added benefit that most developers will offer their programs for free.


The Google G1 phone is not a multi-touch phone. In fact, it’s similar to the old HTC devices. Though it’s not the tap type of touch screen since you get to use a lot of scrolling and flicking action, the interface is still not as smooth as the iPhone’s. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, the G1 seems to be using SPB shell on their interface since you can get a similar interface on a windows mobile device using the SPB Shell software. The Google G1 Phone is made by HTC. I have had five HTC devices and all seems to suffer from lags and hang-ups. I sure hope for Google and T-Mobile’s sake that the G1 phone won’t suffer the same fate as other HTC devices.

The Good

As I’ve already mentioned, since the OS is open source, you can expect a lot of goodies soon without having to shell out your hard earned money for software for your phone. In addition, Google Streets is such a cool app to have though I think it’s only available in the US version. You also have Google Maps and a YouTube application. Since the G1 phone is Google’s way of making their presence felt in the mobile internet world, expect the web browser on the Google G1 Phone to match that of iPhone’s Safari Browser.

The Bad

You’re stuck with Google. You need to have a Gmail account in order to activate your Google G1 phone plus it wouldn’t be Google without the ads so expect that you might be bombarded with all types of ads. Hey, the software is free but it doesn’t mean it’s ad-free. HTC didn’t feel the need to add a lot of internal memory on this device. You’re stuck with saving your files, photos and videos on a MicroSD card. Though the Google G1 Phone has a camera, and not as good as the camera on the Omnia, it also has no video recording capability though some software can probably address that.


If I’m not careful, I might get suckered into the Google G1 phone hype but as it is, I’m still in love with my Samsung Omnia. Maybe in terms of mobile browsing and third party applications (in the near future), the Google G1 phone might have an edge over my Omnia but the though of being stuck with Gmail and probably the slightest chance of Google spying on you to deliver to you appropriate ads is a bit too unnerving for me. I’ve passed up on the iPhone and I think I’ll pass on the G1 too. Next!

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  1. Unknown |

    love this phone but i dodnt have now money to get one

  2. Anonymous |

    "love this phone but i dodnt have now money to get one"

    justina, I'm not surprised you dodnt (sic) have now (sic) money. Your chances of earning any are very remote given your aptitude for spelling and passing intelligent comment.


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