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The Samsung T*Omnia---I hate you, Samsung!


Written on 11/03/2008 07:55:00 AM by poison_ivy

I truly hate you Samsung! I love my Omnia, I do, I love its camera, and its widgets, I love everything about it. So why would you ruin it for me by making a better version of the Samsung Omnia and why only make it exclusive to Korea, a place wherein I have no way of reaching or getting the T*Omnia? I mean, even if there's an online store that would ship the Samsung T*Omnia internationally, I doubt I could find it since I barely understand Korean.

The Samsung T*Omnia will debut exclusively to Korea and will have double four times the screen resolution at 480 x 800 plus a slightly larger screen at 3.3 inch. Another feature that the Samsung T*Omnia will have over our regular Omnia is a DMB TV Tuner.

So, should I send hate notes to Samsung? Let's see, do I need a QVGA screen? Not really, as I don't watch videos a lot plus it's not like I will be using a DMB TV Tuner. Okay, so maybe I don't have to bombard Samsung's inbox with hate mails just yet but if they decide to release a version with a keyboard plus and an 8 megapixel camera within the next 6 months, I will definitely send hate mails.

Via: CNET Asia

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  1. Maurizio Mancioli |

    My dear, I agree, and just to correct your statement (and make you even more pissed off): it's not double the resolution, it's 4 times the resolution!

  2. poison_ivy |

    LOL. Sorry, my bad. I've forgiven Samsung already since I don't really need that high of a resolution and I'm content with my Omnia's screen resolution. :D

  3. orangejuice |

    damnit - i just ordered my Omnia!
    another gripe is that Samsung still havent released an SDK.

  4. Anonymous |

    Well since its a WinMobile 6.1 OS, you could simply develop for that using Microsoft tools - unless you're specifically looking for TouchWiz APIs.


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