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LG Arena KM900


Written on 2/16/2009 10:59:00 AM by poison_ivy

So, the LG Arena KM900 has finally been officially released during the World Mobile Congress at Barcelona. I must admit, this mobile phone looks totally sexy and the UI looks really good. But before that, here's the video preview officially released by LG:

First Impressions

Like all of LG's ads, this one for the LG Arena would make you want to instantly go out and buy one. Of course, if every advertisement were TOTALLY true, then we'll be living in a perfect world, right?

The LG KM900 boasts of a first 3D user interface. The multimedia cube is a cool idea as well as a host of new interface. But the question all of you are itching to ask is: is it fast? From the looks of it, yes. Second question: Is it as fast as the iPhone? No. This first hands on video (see below) of the LG Arena on You Tube shows that the interface is smooth and fast when it comes to their multimedia cube but it takes a while for the contacts to load and as you can see, the interface still suffers from unresponsiveness at times. But hey, since you came to this page to know about the LG Arena, I'm assuming that you're not a iPhone fan and some quirks such as unresponsiveness and lagginess may not bother you so good for you and read on.

If Samsung made use of Bang and Olufsen technology for their audio, the LG KM900 is the first device to use Dolby Mobile. How that turns out we'll see from the user reviews. Hopefully, using Dolby Mobile would mean that we'll get awesome surround sound. The 3 inch screen has WVGA resolution so it would be ideal for watching DVD quality movies.

The LG Arena has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and can capture DVD resolution video at 120 frames per second. If LG used their camera technology on the ViewTy then we'll have no problems with image quality but with autofocus only and no Flash? I'm disappointed.

The LG KM900 also has WiFi, a TV-Out feature, HSDPA 7.2, FM radio, 8GB internal memory expandable via MicroSD slot up to 32GB, and A-GPS.


LG's new UI is definitely interesting. Everything looks user friendly and aside from a few hiccups, which hopefully woudln't show on its retail version, it looks like another winner from LG. However, I don't see anything new that would make me want to separate from my Samsung Omnia. Those looking for a new phone might be interested.

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  1. Anonymous |

    I just wander if this Arena would be noticeably better than my Omnia and Touch HD or if its gonna be just another run of the mill win mobile 6.1 phone with all its inbuilt bugs and hassles.

  2. Anonymous |

    Its not Win Mobile for a kick off..
    its LG's own Operating System
    The S Class.

    I am wondering the same thing though, I have a touch HD too but like the look of this new Arena.

  3. Anonymous |

    It's a great looking phone, handy size, packed with great features.

    But its battery life is terrible - it'll go flat on you after about 3 hours use and then takes 4 hours to charge up.

    So you won't do much multi-media stuff (that it's great for) without killing your phone for the rest of the day.

  4. Anonymous |

    I'm searching for the manual.

  5. Unknown |

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  6. Anonymous |

    Great Stuff..
    Keep Your Good Work Going..



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