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Written on 2/17/2009 03:54:00 PM by poison_ivy

I know a lot of magazines and blogs have already listed their best iPhone Apps but I got hold of T3's list from, a blog that has reviews of some iPhone mobiles games as well as popular mac games.

Anyways, I've always found T3 to be a reliable mag though I hate that they always feature women on their magazine covers. Yeah, it's supposed to be a gadget magazine targeted at the male populace but it makes me want to create a gadget magazine Cosmo style with hunky men on the front cover wearing only briefs...well, before my imagination runs away with me again, going back on topic, they do have some good apps on their list but it's already 1 year old and I'm sure a lot of great games and apps have already been released which are not on the list.

If you want a more updated list, Macworld lists their favorite iPhone Apps and games for 2008. But hey, each one of us have our own unique taste and what may be the best for one may not be to your liking so its best to try out the apps you really want and don't be afraid to download new ones which don't have reviews yet. It's the only way you can find the best of the best according to you.

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