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Written on 3/17/2009 08:03:00 PM by poison_ivy

Let's face it, one thing that is keeping the mobile phone from replacing landlines is that wireless carriers just can't improve their indoor signals. No matter how high tech your mobile phone is, the cell phone signal it would get would depend on your carrier. So the solution? A cell phone signal booster.

Like I've previously mentioned, a cell phone booster would enhance the signals your getting even when indoors. Of course, you need to have at least one bar of cell phone signal for these devices to work. There are a variety of cheap cell phone signal boosters on eBay that range from $10-$24 but these are low quality ones and you're not really sure if you'll be getting a good signal.

If you rely on your mobile phone a lot for voice calls and data transfers, then you need to invest on a good signal booster. These quality devices would range from $300-$500 (if you're getting the dual band model), but lower if you can buy the single band models. The cheapest models I've come by is from thinkgeek.com. Their prices are lower than the ones I've found on eBay (for the quality models, that is). However, I'm not entirely sure if the one on thinkgeek.com will work for UMTS networks here in the UK. The ones on eBay say they work for UMTS 2100 networks but they cost around $500 excluding shipping.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Why did you write this review? It's rubbish. All you said was "I don't know but spend a lot of money anyway."
    Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Anonymous |

    Why did you write this review? It's rubbish. All you said was "I don't know."
    Thanks a lot!!!

  3. poison_ivy |

    LOL. Wow, another one who can't read. Is there anything on the title or the body of this post wherein I've mentioned that this is a "review"???!!! It's a general overview of cell phone signal boosters and what they do!!!

  4. Anonymous |

    Sorry, but this told me nothing - why did you bother writing at all?

  5. poison_ivy |

    Well what did you want to learn anyway? If you already know something about cell phone signal boosters then of course you won't find anything new on this post.

    For those who don't know squat about signal boosters or those who might have come from search engines who wants to know what they can do to enhance their cell phone signals, then they'll know that what they need are cell phone signal boosters which they can get either from thinkgeek.com or ebay.

  6. Anonymous |

    I actually found your overview helpful. Thanks.


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