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Flashing your mobile phones to the Cricket Service


Written on 4/30/2009 05:49:00 PM by poison_ivy

I've been getting a lot of questions from my email inbox from users who wants to flash their mobile phones. Most of them are from the US, asking about flashing their CDMA phones to another service.

I am really not that familiar with flashing mobile phones from one network to another mainly because we get GSM mobile phones here in the UK so changing networks here is as simple as swapping sim cards (if the phone is unlocked) or unlocking the mobile phone. Flashing mobile phones from one service to another is a bit complicated especially in the US since CDMA wireless carriers uses proprietary software on their devices. CDMA networks don't have simcards so changing networks would mean changing your phone's software plus inputting carrier specific codes unto it so that it would work on their network.

However, there's this forum that I frequently visit which offers some guide on flashing your mobile phones to the cricket service. They don't host the files needed so you have to do a bit of googling in order to get the files needed to flash your phones but that would be easy enough. Anyways, the guide includes flashing the HTC Apache, HTC Mogul, HTC VX6600, HTC Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, LG Voyager, LG enV, LG Venus, LG Dare, LG Decoy, Motorola Q, Motorola Q9c, Motorola V3m, Samsung, Nokia, and other manufacturers.

Visit this link for information on flashing your mobile phones to the Cricket Service. Please note that these guides will only work for the Cricket Service Only.

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